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Clinical Evaluation

Leslie A. Styles, Ed.S., L.P.C.(#2120)

State Certified Clinical Evaluator/DUI  Provider (# 12-055-02)

Leslie Styles is available to complete all DUI clinical evaluations here at our facility.  Clinical DUI evaluations involve an interview process lasting approximately 1-2 hours.  Written documentation is available to the client within five days.  At that time the client will receive a copy of their evaluation and direction for their level of treatment.  A list of treatment providers will be available.  All evaluations are $120.00 to be paid in cash or money order at time of interview.

Ms. Styles has been a practicing therapist for the past 26 years.  She has worked clients with substance abuse issues for her entire career.  She also has extensive experience working with mood disorders, eating disorders, couples/marital counseling, and works with issues with both children and adolescents.  If you are interested in receiving counseling services with Ms. Styles, she will be available to you.  Please call us for more appointment information at (770) 676-9200.